Depending on a swimmers ability and competitive interest, the Team Swimming program consists of four different groups of swimmers.

  • The Junior Team and Team 3 practice three days per week for up to 3-3.5 hours total in the week
  • Team 4 practices four days per week for a total of up to 6.5 hours
  • Team 5 practices five days per week for a total of up to 9 hours

All Team Swimmers have the opportunity to compete in local and away meets, with the most competive swimmers having the ability to qualify and compete in several championship swim meets within Germany as well as other European countries.


Fees for the coming season are based on the amount of weekly pool time offered to each team, and reflect costs across the board.  The annual fees for 22/23 will be as follows:

Junion team (practices 3 x weekly) 340€

Team 3 (practices 3 x weekly) 340€

Team 4 (practices 4 x weekly) 355€

Team 5 (practices 5 x weekly) 375€

Please not that any new members will also need to pay a one-time membership fee (still to be determined) to the JFKS Sports-Club, which allows your child to join any JFKS Sports-Club division for the duration of their education.