The Berlin Bear-a-Cudas early swimming classes and team practices take place at two pools in southwest Berlin; both are managed by the Berliner Bäder Betriebe (BBB).



The Hüttenweg swimming pool in Dahlem is open to teams and Club swimming only. It features a 25-meter pool, and a shallow pool for non-swimmers (Seepferdchen). The pool is located near Oskar-Helene-Heim U3 station and is easily accessible by U-Bahn or bus. There is plenty of parking in the lots that are accessible via Hüttenweg and Marshallstraße.


Parents are able to watch Bronze, Silver and Gold-level as well as team swimmers from the waiting area. Parents of children in the Seepferdchen class will not be able to watch their children from the waiting area. However, during class, one parent from the class is invited by the instructor to sit by the pool to supervise the class. This is a rotating role that can be enjoyed by all parents.

Schwimmhalle Hüttenweg
Hüttenweg 41
14195 Berlin


Bronze, Silver and gold-level classes, as well as team training take place at the Finckensteinallee pool in Lichterfelde West. The 50-meter by 25-meter pool with enormous windows was constructed in 1938 and is now considered a historic monument (Denkmalschutz).

Entrance to the team/club swimming area is through the massive doors on the left. There is a room at the entrance with chairs where parents can wait for their children to complete swim lessons.

We are sorry, but parents are not able watch their children during swim lessons as the viewing gallery is closed during practice times.

There is on-street parking available. The pool is accessible via bus.

Schwimmhalle Finckensteinallee
Finckensteinallee 73
12205 Berlin