Please note that all classes are subject to pool/coach availability and COVID restrictions
SEEPFERDCHEN - One class per week 30 minutes
Seepferdchen 1 Monday 15:45
Seepferdchen 2 Monday 16:15
Seepferdchen 3 Thursday 15:00
Seepferdchen 4 Thursday 15:30
Seepferdchen 5 Thursday 16:00
Seepferdchen 6 Saturday 07:30
Seepferdchen 7 Saturday 08:00

BRONZE - One class per week 45 minutes
Bronze 1 Monday 16:00
Bronze 2 Tuesday 15:00
Bronze 3 Tuesday 15:00
Bronze 4 Thursday 15:00
Bronze 5 Thursday 15:00
Bronze 6 Saturday 07:30

SILVER/GOLD - One class per week 45 minutes
Silver/Gold 1 Monday 16:00
Silver/Gold 2 Monday 16:00
Silver/Gold 3 Tuesday 15:00
Silver/Gold 4 Tuesday 15:00
Silver/Gold 5 Friday 16:00
Silver/Gold 6 Friday 16:45

GOLD+ Two classes per week
Tuesday 15:45
Friday 17:30

  • Course offerings, locations and times are subject to change. Please understand that classes listed here could be full or cancelled. 
  • Returning swimmers, 2021/22 waitlist swimmers and JFKS students receive priority for classes; however, our classes are open to students from other schools.
  • We understand that some schools end their school day at 16:00. We are sorry, but we do not offer late courses for all swim levels.
  • We are not always able to accomodate friends in the same classes.
  • We understand that scheduling can be complicated, and we generally recommend that siblings attend different classes. 
  • All parents of Learn-to-Swim students are required to support the Berlin Bear-a-Cudas' volunteer & fundraising efforts. All families are expected to volunteer a minimum of 20 hours / season.
  • Your child's first class is a Probestunde/trial. We request that you please reserve your child's place before the second class by submitting your payment (via Lastschrift/bank transfer). If payment/registration documents are not received before your child's third class, your child's spot will be forfeited.
  • Students at the Finckensteinallee classes should wait for their coaches to arrive before entering the changing area.
  • Finckensteinallee courses require a swim card/pass for entry. Your child will receive their pass on the first day of class, with a refundable deposit of 20 EUR. Cards from the previous year may be used without renewal or a new deposit. Entry cards MUST be used at Finckensteinallee; your child's use of the team card credits the sports club and allows us to rent lanes at the pool. 
  • Hüttenweg classes require a non-reusable entry card that is distributed 10 minutes before the start of class.

Please note: your child must be 5 years old on September 1, 2022 to participate in the Seepferdchen course during the first Semester, or 5 years old on 1st February 2023 to participate in the second semester Seepferdchen course.